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Nankang Software Park Public Art Project

Leisure space for Hi-tech industry

Nankang district, well-known as “Black County”, bristled with various plants and factories in the past time. In order to get rid of the old fame of traditional industry image, the newly development of Nankang Software Park (NKSP) has implemented the public art project as part of a greater international vision to integrate elements of humanity and art in otherwise cold and distant hi-tech environment. The adoption of the “invitation and comparison of the artwork” model was chosen as the execution of NKSP public art project, connecting a domestic professional team for presentation and well-known artists worldwide. This establishment of “invitation competition” is a systematic and symbolic change for public artwork plan in Taiwan. Furthermore, this NKSP public art project was collaborated on by nine outstanding, renowned artists with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, each of whom was invited to create site-specific works in accordance with the software park’s structural nature and innate atmosphere. At the same time, NKSP’s open space setting allowed the artworks to be a bridge of interaction between the park and its surrounding communities, thus extending its positive impact onto them and dramatically improving the quality of living for Nankang residents.

Since the completion of NKSP public art project in 2004, it has then become a significant paradigm for such large-scale park theme projects.

Reference : Chien-yu Chen, 〈infusion between technology, art and humanity, Nankang Software Park v.s.Public Art〉

Nankang Software Park Public Art Project List of Works (total 9 sites)