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Public Art in National Taiwan Science Education Center

Infusion and interaction with science and art

The development of National Taiwan Science Education Center is to elevating the science education levels of the people and promoting science education to the general public. It has passed beyond the boundaries of scientific education and take science out of the lab and into everyday life, allowing people to discover the many wonders of science in their own daily lives. Under such environment, all public art settings were in relation with the meanings of scientific foundation in terms of gravity, kinetics, power, sound etc. Such as the formation of “energy conservation” and “energy transformation” through the rolling balls of “Ball Machines”, the sound reflex of “Stonehenge”, the wind and gravity of “Windmill”, or through the generating of “water energy” into “Water Dancing”, these art pieces overturned the hard concrete building into a fun atmosphere with interaction of science and art.

Public Art in National Taiwan Science Education Center List of Works (total 2 sites)