Glance of art in modern business district

Xinyin District, the newly planned area for Taipei City, which has Taipei City Government, Taipei City Council set in this location, is at the same time the most important commercial and business core center surrounding with various modernized department stores. Many headquarters of financial holding companies are also situated here that turn Xinyin District into an international metropolis with a fame name of “Taipei Manhattan”. Moreover, Taipei 101, currently the tallest skyscraper in the world, has also become the famous tourist scenic spot and shopping area in Taipei. As for public art in Xinyin District, in order to coherent with this secondary core center, thereof public art projects are performed very forwarding, diversified and international appearances.

Public Art in Xin-yin District List of Works (total 18 sites)
 ImageSerial NoWorks NameSite
1 238 091000001 Posse to be able: B Songren Rd., Xinyi District, Taipei City 110
2 239 091011004 Posse to be able: A No.3, Songren Rd., Xinyi District, Taipei City 110
3 240 091122001 City Bird Songren Rd., Xinyi District, Taipei City 110
4 242 092000006 The Symphony of Trees Shifu Rd and Songshou Rd Street intersection
5 243 092122508 Sky No.20, Lane 95, Songren Rd., Xinyi District, Taipei City 110
6 244 094000011 Button Lane 168, Songde Rd., Xinyi District, Taipei City 110
7 272 091011002 Hare on Ball and Claw No.3, Songren Rd., Sinyi District, Taipei City 110
8 352 097110536 LOVE
9 362 097110537 NUMBERS
10 363 097110538 The Rising Sun-The Shooting Stars
11 364 097110539 Dragon Feature-The Finale Show
12 365 097110540 City Composition
13 366 097110541 Dialogue Between Yin and Yang
14 367 097110542 印信 Seal
15 368 097110543 Between Earth and Sky
16 369 097110544 Global Circle
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