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Birth of the Rainbow
Renowned for his graceful work of wind and water-powered sculptures, Susumu Shingu is one of the most celebrated kinetic sculptors of this century. Birth of Rainbow, his unique creation for the Nankang Software Park, accentuates the beauty and wonder of water by juxtaposing its capricious movements with the reflections and illuminations of sunlight, thus allowing for a total visualization of nature’s most intrinsic elements.
District: NanGang
Case Name:
Serial No: 093062402
Works Name: Birth of the Rainbow
Author: Yat Sen International Art Consultants Susumu Shingu
Year to Install: 93
Works Type:
Works Material: Stainless Steel,Pump
Works Size:
Place: Software Park
Site: No.19-2, Sanchong Rd., Nangang District, Taipei City 115
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Photo by: redblackdesigns
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