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Column Fountain
With free forms and lines,Pol Bury’s artistic creation evolve from a spirit of experimentation,marking him a true pioneer in modern kinetic sculpture history. Here, Column Fountain combines elements of nature-the flow and speed of water-with structural columns to create interactions that are musically rhythmic and visually striking. This work brilliantly merges natural landscape and mechanical geometry to create a new artistic rhythmic perception.
District: NanGang
Case Name:
Serial No: 093062404
Works Name: Column Fountain
Author: Pol Bury Yat Sen International Art Consultants
Year to Install: 93
Works Type:
Works Material: Stainless Steel,Pump
Works Size:
Place: Software Park
Site: No.19-2, Sanchong Rd., Nangang District, Taipei City 115
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Photo by: redblackdesigns
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