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Heart Bridge
By using two face-to-face bronze heads engraved with an integrated circuit board each, this sculpture combines symbols from eastern and western cultures to express the inseparable connection between the past and the present and the intimate relationship among people. It delivers Chunghwa Telecom's motto of "Communicating human feelings and connecting world-wide emotions." The two bronze heads relate the walls to the left and to the right of the elevator entryway. They suggest the image of "door-gods," integrating the traditional Chinese culture with modern life and creating a corridor where the classic and the contemporary meet.
District: DaAn
Case Name:
Serial No: 095033103
Works Name: Heart Bridge
Author: Cheng-Jen-Lin
Year to Install: 95
Works Type:
Works Material: Bronze
Works Size:
Place: Administrative Organization
Site: No.35, Aiguo E. Rd., Da-an District, Taipei City 106
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Photo by: redblackdesigns
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