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To learn must be a joy, a pleasure and a wealth. This work tries to underline the welcoming appearance of the school to attract even more students. The entrance is the place where students pass every day. It is here that the happy feeling must be the most present. On the two walls on each side of the entrance I construct a kind of big checkerboard with fresh and joyful blue and white ceramic tiles. This grid reminds us the grids of checkers or Occidental and Chinese chess. We can imagine the pleasures associated with these games. This allusion is also a reference to the fact that education and learning must be understood as a game, because they aim at training and developing the minds and spirits.
District: ZhongShan
Case Name:
Serial No: 095042801
Works Name: Checkerboard
Author: Daniel Buren
Year to Install: 95
Works Type:
Works Material: Ceramic
Works Size:
Place: School
Site: No.262, Lequn 2nd Rd., Zhongshan District, Taipei City 104
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Photo by: redblackdesigns
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Driving (Distance/Duration): 6.4 km/16 mins
Proposed RouteDistanceDuration
Head north on 市府路 toward 松高路 0.2 km 1 min
Keep left to continue on 基隆路一段 1.5 km 5 mins
Take the ramp on the left to 堤頂大道一段 0.8 km 1 min
Keep left at the fork, follow signs for 堤頂大道一段 and merge onto 堤頂大道一段 1.8 km 2 mins
Keep left to stay on 堤頂大道一段 0.2 km 1 min
Continue onto 堤頂大道二段 1.2 km 3 mins
Turn left onto 樂群二路 (signs for Lequn 2nd Rd.) 0.1 km 1 min
Turn right onto 植福路 0.2 km 1 min
Turn left onto 植福路286巷 92 m 1 min
Turn left onto 樂群二路265巷 0.2 km 1 min
Turn left onto 樂群二路 88 m 1 min