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An exclamation mark habitually appears after an exclamation with a positive connotation. An ellipsis, on the other hand, is often used by youngsters in an informal and casual manner to signal suggestive silence. Although an ellipsis itself may not signify anthing concrete or specific, the sort of intentional silence it expresses a sense of time, as it marks a suspension of meanings, as well as a course of waiting filled with aspiratoin. Youngsters are going through the learning stage, with their lives characterized by adventures and discoveries. Whenever they encounter new experience or knowledge, an exclamation mark would emerge. They may not comprehend it, but they can feel it in their hear. The exclamation mark and the ellipsis signal the end of one's inner monologue. This work resembles a clock in appearance. As the two hands point to the clock calibration, it also creates a shape of an exclamation mark, and indicates a new discovery at every clock rick.
District: WanHua
Case Name:
Serial No: 102081401
Works Name: !………
Year to Install: 97
Works Type:
Works Material: Marble, Hologram, Tempered Glass, Mirror, Sensor, Speaker
Works Size:
Place: School
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Photo by: redblack designs
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