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Smile, and Take a Seat
In recent years, ithas bee witnesssed a growing number of emoticons on the internet. These widely used emoticons include facial expressions such as smiling or crying faces, or cheeky toungue-out. Some of the expressions cannot even be annotated by words. These emoticons convey emotions that are uninterpretable yet understandable. As these internet-generated emoticons become secret codes among youngsters, they transcend the virtuality of the world of internet and serve to symbolize this new generation. In Smile, and Take a Sear, :)signifies a comfortable chair. This Friendly smiley face, once used in the 1960s as an Anti-War symbol, appears frequently on the internet in our time. When it is turned into public art and appears in the form of street furniture, it signals the importance of seeing each other face-to-face. Youngsters would exchange smiles everyday when they meet each other.
District: WanHua
Case Name:
Serial No: 102081401
Works Name: Smile, and Take a Seat
Year to Install: 97
Works Type:
Works Material: Marble, Hologram, Tempered Glass, Mirror, Sensor, Speaker
Works Size:
Place: School
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Photo by: redblack designs
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